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English Courses

Beginner to Advanced

Online or Face to Face

Individual or Group Sessions

We offer all levels, types and courses of English, including general and business English, English for Specific Purposes (ESP), accent reduction and pronunciation enhancement, spoken and written English skills, and help to navigate cross-culturally:

  • General, Conversational and Business English

  • English for Specific Purposes, e.g. law, medicine, dentistry, veterinary, real estate

  • Presentation skills: help to prepare for presentations at work

  • Accent reduction: for native speakers of all languages

  • Pronunciation: learn how to speak authentically and enunciate clearly in English

  • Cross-cultural skills: communicate effectively with Anglophones

  • Written correspondence e.g. help with writing business documents

  • Interactive, engaging and challenging sessions

  • Tailor-made courses to suit your English language needs and goals

  • One-on-one or group coaching

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

We can help you prepare for international English examinations, and we also offer personalised tuition for tertiary students:

  • IELTS training: general and academic streams - speaking, writing, reading & listening

  • Cambridge English examination preparation: B1, B2, C1, C2

  • University students: help with essay writing, assignments and presentations

  • Rigorous and comprehensive examination preparation

Australian English

Australian English: if you are planning to study in or immigrate to Australia, learn how to interact well with "Aussies":

  • Learn Australian idiomatic and colloquial expressions to sound more like a "local"

  • Discover the Australian culture and how to communicate effectively with Australians

  • Grasp the Australian accent and intonation to sound more "authentic"

Manage Your Career Professionally

We provide extensive career help, including CV preparation, cover letter writing, and practice answering interview questions:

  • CV writing and proofreading

  • Cover letter writing and proofreading for job applications

  • Interview preparation skills

  • Practice answering “behavioural-style” interview questions

  • Statement criteria and interview preparation for government positions

  • Personalised, professional career coaching

  • Services provided for all professions and occupations

Proofreading Services

Our native English speakers can provide all types of proofreading services for yourself or your company, such as:

  • General and business correspondence, reports and documents

  • Property development and real estate documents and contracts

  • Academic research and papers

  • Government documents and reports

  • Presentations and speeches

  • Legal correspondence, documents and contracts

  • Product launches

  • Advertising campaigns

  • Creative & media content

  • Website content

  • The hospitality industry: menus and Point of Sale material