About Us

Giselle Gavagna

Principal and Head Trainer

I am a native English speaker from Sydney, Australia, currently living in Budapest. I am a global citizen, having lived and worked in several different countries across Europe, and am passionate about mixing with people of various cultures and linguistic backgrounds.

I provide English training for general, business and academic English to individuals and businesses. Additionally, I offer career management and proofreading services. I am a qualified and experienced Italian language teacher and also provide this language service.

My overarching goal is to facilitate client success, whether that is an improved IELTS score, better pronunciation, more extensive vocabulary, a new job or promotion, enhanced cross-cultural skills, or increased confidence and ability in English or Italian. I love language, and above all, I want to help open new doors and professional opportunities for clients with the art of effective communication.

Qualifications and Experience


  • Master’s degree in Education

  • Master’s degree in Strategic Public Relations

  • Bachelor’s degree in Arts: advanced Italian (major), French, International Relations

  • Qualified English language teacher with a globally recognised TESOL certificate (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).

  • Accredited Australian school teacher with “Proficient Teacher” status.

  • Qualified trainer & assessor in adult education with an Australian Certificate IV TAE40110 in Training & Assessment.

Experience: English language coaching and services

  • Teaching English to adults from around the globe in General and Business English, IELTS preparation and English for Specific Purposes.

  • My students have come from various fields including law, medicine, pharmaceuticals, veterinary science, dentistry, engineering, property development and marketing.

  • Extensive knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary.

  • I teach English to adults and teenagers, and offer additional services in proofreading.

  • In particular, I enjoy imparting the art of communicating in clear, plain English.

  • I empathise with and understand the challenges that EAL language speakers face in learning English.

  • Digital marketing projects: creating meta tags for keywords optimisation on companies’ websites.

Experience: corporate training

  • Corporate training & workplace assessment.

  • Educational programs for Universities and Learning & Development Management in commercial and government.

  • With this insight and experience, I can train your staff in soft skills and design individualised training programs according to client needs.

Experience: commercial

  • Export marketing positions in Italy and Monaco for international beverage companies.

  • Corporate sales positions for global companies in Sydney, including AstraZeneca (pharmaceuticals), L’Oreal (beauty), Unilever (FMCG) and Nobel Biocare (medical devices).

  • Sales positions involved a strong element of client training in soft skills and technical skills; I have delivered seminars to large audiences of trainees.

  • Practical knowledge of business English; can easily provide corporate training services and coaching in interview skills, CV writing, job applications and business correspondence.

Experience: teaching Italian

  • I am an accredited Australian school teacher with almost 10 years' experience teaching Italian to high school students.

  • Extensive knowledge of Italian grammar.

  • Introduced senior Italian courses to Australian schools; have written entire Italian language programs and assessments across multiple year levels.

  • My senior Italian students achieved outstanding results in Italian Continuers for their Higher School Certificates (HSC).

  • I lived in Italy in Toscana, and worked for Sanpellegrino in Milano, and can teach you both business and general Italian.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to meeting you and training you soon!


Vezető oktató

Angol és olasz anyanyelvű vagyok Sydney -ből, Ausztráliából, jelenleg Budapesten élek. A világ számos országban éltem és dolgoztam, szenvedélyesen érdeklődöm a különböző kultúrák és idegen nyelvek iránt.

Angol képzéseim magánszemélyek és vállalkozások számára nyújtanak felkészülést általános, üzleti és tudományos nyelvre. Ezen kívül, karrier menedzsment és lektorálási szolgáltatásokat is kínálok.

Az angol mellett képzett és tapasztalt olasz nyelvtanár vagyok, az olasz nyelvoktatást egyaránt élvezem.

Célom az ügyfeleim sikerességének elősegítése, legyen szó az IELTS-pontszámok javításáról, a kiejtés finomításáról, idegen nyelvű állásinterjúról, vagy egyszerűen csak magabiztosabb fellépésről angolul vagy olaszul. A nyelvhasználat művészet, mindenekelőtt ennek a tudásnak az átadásával szeretnék új ajtókat és szakmai lehetőségeket nyitni az ügyfeleim előtt.


Capo Addestratore e Direttore

Sono madrelingua inglese di Sydney, Australia, attualmente vivo a Budapest. Sono un cittadino globale, ho vissuto e lavorato in diversi paesi e sono appassionata di mescolarmi con persone di diverse culture e origini linguistiche.

Fornisco corsi di inglese per l'inglese generale, commerciale e accademico a privati e aziende. Inoltre, offro servizi di gestione della carriera e correzione di bozze. Sono un insegnante di lingua italiana qualificata ed esperta e fornisco anche questo servizio linguistico.

Il mio obiettivo principale è facilitare il successo del cliente, che si tratti di un voto IELTS migliorato, riduzione dell'accento, un nuovo lavoro o promozione, migliori competenze interculturali o maggiore sicurezza e abilità in inglese o italiano. Amo le lingue, e soprattutto voglio aiutare ad aprire nuove porte e opportunità professionali per i clienti con l'arte della comunicazione efficace.

Adrienn - Senior Trainer

Adrienn Bacsics

Senior Trainer

I am a native Hungarian based in Budapest and a near-native speaker of English. I lived and worked in the UK for two years in my early twenties and my passion for the English language originated there. Living in London, I had the chance to meet not only native speakers but people of different cultural backgrounds from all around the world. The need and desire to connect with others and express who I am made me an enthusiastic and focused language learner. I came up with ways of studying that worked for me and made my progress efficient.

Meanwhile, it became clear to me that knowing a language is not simply a tool to express who we are. Conquering it gives the opportunity to broaden the self and to expand who we are. The reward is not only the ability to speak a language correctly, but as the mind gets more flexible in the process of learning, our personality is also shaped by it and we are more open to the new, to difference, and, this way, to others.

My main goal is to make people aware of these opportunities and to encourage and help students to find their own ways to become successful learners. I believe that there is a method for everyone, even if finding it requires hard work.

Qualifications and Experience

I completed my studies at Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest. I hold a Master's Degree in Teaching English Language and Literature. I am also a Philologist in English Language and Literature and in American Studies. During my academic studies, my main focus was on phonetics and phonology and on cognitive linguistics.

With all of this knowledge, I have successfully adapted to my profession. I place great emphasis on pronunciation since I believe it is the key to quick improvement. I also find it useful to draw attention to the cognitive workings behind language use whenever it can trigger interest and raise language awareness.

I have been teaching English full-time for 18 years. Throughout these years, I have had the chance to try myself out in different pedagogical situations. I've worked in language schools, I've held individual and group classes, small ones and bigger ones for corporate companies, and I've taught one-on-one classes extensively with private students. I have experience in teaching secondary school teenagers and adults of all age groups.